There’s wisdom in the adage you are what you eat. That’s why we feed our animals a naturally nourishing, flaxseed-based diet. Only our beef and chicken are scientifically proven to give you meat that’s loaded with protein, lower in cholesterol, and significantly higher in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and rich in flavor. When we say our protein is good for you, it’s not just empty words. It’s a proven fact you can read right on the nutrition label.



The way we see it, there’s no point in serving up a nutritious cut of beef or chicken if it isn’t good enough to bring you back for seconds. We’ve spent years perfecting our feed to deliver wholesome protein that tastes great too. The marbling in our beef aids in an even sear that seals in its natural juices and rich, beefy flavor. And our chicken is Air-Chilled so the meat cooks up moist and there’s no water to dilute its robust chicken flavor.



We raise our chickens without cages in wide-open barns so they have space to eat, drink and lie down. Our Black Angus cattle feed on lush Midwestern pastures before transitioning to our flaxseed-based diet. We provide clean living conditions that — along with our proprietary flaxseed diet — keep our animals in good health.



We believe in doing the right thing, even if it takes some extra effort or costs a little more. We care about our impact on the environment, which is why we raise our cattle and chickens on farms and ranches in the American heartland. They’re raised where their food is grown, which means we don’t have to truck feed as far to get it to them. We also Air-Chill our chicken, which takes a little longer but saves over 100,000 gallons of water a day. It also happens to be more sanitary and produces the tastiest chicken.

When it comes to our animals and our world, we do what’s right. Because we know doing the right thing is never the wrong idea.


  • "Simply Essentials beef takes one step further with enhanced amounts of omega-3 and reduced levels of cholesterol"

    Dr. Doug Bibus, Ph.D.
  • "Let me simply say, it’s a superior product. Moist, juicy and rich in beefy flavor that doesn’t need much in embellishment."

    Philippe Garmy
  • "Just discovered your air chilled chicken. Fantastic! The taste I remember from seventy years ago! Wow!”

    Chuck Torbyn

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