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Few things go together as well as grilling and football. It only seems fitting that some of the best beef and chicken in America owes its existence to a couple of dads talking beef during a tailgate before their kids’ high school football game.

It didn’t take long for our founders, Dennis Krause and Todd Henning, to see they had a lot more in common than just high school football and an appetite for big, juicy burgers.

a ground-breaking


Food industry veterans with more than 50 years combined experience, Dennis and Todd saw an opportunity no one else did. They knew there was a better way to raise beef and chicken — meat that was good for you and tasted great too. They believed the key was in the feed.

They spent the next few years moonlighting, giving up their nights and weekends to pursue their dream of turning the meat industry on its head. They developed a proprietary flaxseed-based feed, then took their biggest leap of faith yet. Partnering with family farmers and ranchers, they struck out on their own and founded Simply Essentials™.

Simply Better Meat Flaxseed Fed Beef



Now, almost a decade later, it’s clear Dennis and Todd were on to something with their flaxseed-fed premium Black Angus beef and Air-Chilled chicken. Our beef and chicken deliver up to 350% more Omega-3s and up to 40% less cholesterol than conventional beef and chicken. And in taste tests, they give a robust beef and chicken flavor that wins hands down.

It just goes to show that when you feed what you eat a good, wholesome diet, you get a whole lot of good in return.

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